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Your road to grounded, connected, confident, and peaceful parenting

                begins here

  • Mindfully support your children

  • Authentically and strategically navigate the family court system

  • Successfully co-parent/parallel-parent

  • Navigate day-to-day challenges

  • Find peace and purpose in the now

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Rooted Elm Coaching LLC was born from my desire to help parents maintain their own inner-peace while building loving and meaningful relationships with their children; no matter what situation life has placed them in. While I work with all kinds of parents and families, my experiences have allowed me to be of particular help to single parents, parents going through a separation or divorce, parents who share custody of their children, and parents who may need to co-parent with a high-conflict individual.  I know that going through a divorce -  particularly divorcing a high-conflict individual - can be overwhelming. I am here to help families to successfully navigate the unique challenges of parenting within the family court system. I will support you to thrive in any situation and help you to create loving and lasting memories for your children. I will guide you to move forward with confidence - in both your parenting and your understanding of family court -  and face what comes with tenacity and grace. I am here to support and empower you to take back your, and your children's, peace, and to hold this peace in your heart and your home. 

-Jen DeGaetano, M.Ed.

   Founder and Owner, Rooted Elm Coaching LLC

   PCI Certified Parent Coach®

   HCDCCP Certified Divorce Coach & Consultant


What clients are saying

"I'm so thankful that I found Jen! Worth her weight in gold"

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